Commonly Asked Questions & Myths


“Do you need to be experienced to workout at FITERNITY?”
Absolutely, 100% - no. FITERNITY is for anyone and everyone who wants to become the healthier and fitter – regardless of their current fitness level, experience or athletic background. In a typical class we have students, mothers, business professionals and even grandparents working out together – and it’s fun as heck!

“Do you offer a free trial class to see if I like it?”
Yes we do, and we’d love for you to join us for a workout. Click here to try a free class.

“Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?”
Nope, however we do require a 3-month commitment. Beyond that, if you’re not happy and ecstatic with your experience and results, cancel anytime – no questions asked, no cancellation fees. We’re so confident you’ll love everything about FITERNITY, we don’t ask for any long term commitment or agreement.

“Your membership price is higher than a regular gym, why?”
Good question. At a regular gym you walk into a room full of machines and treadmills with no direction, guidance, programming or coaching. If you want programming and coaching it would cost $50 – $100 per hour at that regular gym. Say you seek coaching just once per week, it would cost $200 – $400 per month. If you want training twice per week, you’d be looking at $400 – $800 per month. At FITERNITY, you’ll have a world-class coach beside you, coaching you and leading you, every single day at one fixed rate. You’ll receive more expert coaching and programming in just one month at FITERNITY than you would in your lifetime at a regular gym. You get what you pay for, and everything we do here is world-class.

“Do you offer discounts?”
Yes we do, and you can see our membership plans here.

“Can I skip the prep course and just hop into classes?”
If you’re interested in our BURN:30 classes, you do not need to complete our prep course. If you’re interested in our FIT:60 classes you are required to complete our 2-session prep course unless you have 2 months or more of CrossFit experience, in which case you do not need to complete our prep course. For the record: our prep course is fun, informational, and will get you comfortable & confident before jumping into our FIT:60 classes.

“Is it okay if I’m a few minutes late to class?”
Glad you asked! If there’s one thing our coaches are not okay with – it’s being late to class. Every class is programmed and scheduled to the minute. If you’re late, you’ll be doing burpees for 50 straight minutes and you’ll wish you showed up on time. The safe bet is to show up 15-20 minutes before your class starts.



Myths About Getting Fit

“Lifting weights makes you bulky.”
Weight training burns more calories than running

“CrossFit isn’t safe.”
CrossFit is setup to mimic everyday movements to help strengthen muscles and prevent injury.

“You must be competitive.”
You can be as competitive as you want to be - or not. while it may seem you're going up against your classmates, the only person you need to beat is yourself.

“You’re going to pass out - or puke!”
If you haven't worked out in years and decide to sprint a mile with no regard to intensity, you might feel shaky or sick after. CrossFit is no different. If you add intensity progressively in conjunction with coaches helping you build a foundation - you'll learn to properly gauge intensity.

“Membership is pricey.”
What good is a cheaper gym if you don't see results? Plus, most personal trainers charge up to $150 per hour! 4 sessions per month can cost upwards of $600. You'll have a coach for every class you attend, at one fixed rate. Come to class 3 times each week and results are inevitable.

“It’s a cult.”
CrossFit is a welcoming community with a common goal: to achieve fitness goals and help others achieve theirs. Those on the outside looking it might just be envious of the unified fitness community that they haven't worked up the courage to be a part of...yet.