FITERNITY is those with an unwavering commitment to fitness who prove success isn't given - it's earned. Our brand recognizes, respects and represents the athletes that work harder than the rest in the gym, on the field, in life. FITERNITY products are thoughtfully designed by, and carefully crafted for the modern day athlete. On top of that, you'll be happy to know we're as committed to your satisfaction as you are your fitness. #FITERNTY


If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you'll see that we frequently mention #teamFITERNITY. What is #teamFITERNITY? It's a group of athletes that embody exactly what FITERNITY stands for. We've hand selected each one of them, and together - they are #teamFITERNITY. We're honored to be their exclusive supplier of the athletic wear they train and compete in. See who they are.

fit for life

The name FITERNITY is a synthesis of the word fitness and eternity. Many will refer to FITERNITY as those committed to fitness for eternity; others will refer to FITERNITY as the brotherhood and sisterhood of fitness. Those who know that beyond the grueling workouts day, after day, after day, lies the ultimate reward - fitness. Commit to being fit for life, and you'll see we're committed to bragging about you and the other athletes that represent the fittest, most badass group on earth. #FITERNITY.

a sincere thank you

To those who are committed to fitness for life, we thank you for representing FITERNITY. Share your fitness story with us on facebook, or via our contact form, and we might just show you off to the world. We're on instagram too.