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Workouts for every experience level.


Whether you’re looking for a gritty high-intensity workout, a fun 30-minute sweat session, or a low-impact yoga class, we have a program and amazing workouts designed for you - no matter what your current fitness level is.

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*Prep Course -or- 3 Months CrossFit Experience Required

Our 60 minute class that combines a wide variety of functional movements performed at high-intensity. Workouts include cardio, weightlifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics and more. Prepare for something different every day as you build stamina, strength and confidence. *Prep Course -or- 3 Months CrossFit Experience Required



No Experience Required

A 30 minute class with a focus on burning calories through a fast-paced, high-energy workout that combines simple bodyweight movements, light lifting and more. You’ll sweat your way to a fitter, sexier you in an electric group class where the music is bumping and the energy is through the roof! *No Experience Required

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YOGA:60 is designed to bring connection between movement, balance, breath and strength - with a purposeful focus on active recovery. You’ll feel strong, energized and connected on and off of your mat! Class is most often led by Lulu Lemon Athletica Ambassador, Sachi Ena.

MOBILITY:30 is designed to help keep your body active, with a purposeful focus on targeting the parts of your body that have been used the most in each week’s workouts. Class is led by Sports & Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Patrick Suarez.



Working out hard, although important, does not result in the overall body transformation that folks are often looking for. The only way to truly reach your goals is to dial in your nutrition too. Whether your goal is to lose 25 pounds or carve out six-pack abs, the quality and quantity of your food intake needs to be on point. We’ll guide you to make the right changes in the kitchen, and choices in the real world, that will help you get there.



*Required for All New Members Before Participating in FIT:60 Classes



Our 1-on-1 Prep Course will get you ready for FIT:60 classes.

Our 1-on-1 Prep Course is designed to get you comfortable and confident with the skills and movements you’ll be doing in our FIT:60 classes. It’s two, private, 1-hour sessions with one of our highly trained coaches - and scheduled based on your preference. You and your coach, together, will get you ready to jump into our FIT:60 classes with confidence!

*FIT:60 Prep Course is required for all new members that do not have prior CrossFit experience, before entering FIT:60 CLASSES.